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Office of Traffic Safety

Message from the Director

Rhonda L. Craft

"I'm steadfast in the pursuit of Saving Lives Through Traffic Safety Efforts."

As the recently appointed Director of the Office of Traffic Safety, I attended the Caltrans Workers and the California Highway Patrols' Memorial Services for the first time. As I reflect on both ceremonies I am deeply touched by the dedication and commitment of our transportation workers who unceremoniously work to improve California's highways so that our friends and families can travel safely, and of our law enforcement who serve and protect us by enforcing the laws of this great State. I am also mindful of the numerous organizations whose programs help to promote our vision of "Saving Lives Through Traffic Safety Efforts."

Each year the California Office of Traffic Safety awards grant funds to programs demonstrating innovative and measurable objectives to prevent/reduce fatalities, serious injuries, and economic hardships caused by traffic collisions. However, there is still more work to be done. This is a call to action to our partners in the traffic safety community and those organizations that we have not worked with in the past to bring forth your ideas so that we can work together to accomplish our vision and save more lives.

OTS plans to continuously look for ways to make the grant application process easier and more efficient for potential grantees and our staff. We hope this will encourage more potential applicants to become a part of our traffic safety network and to invest in roadway safety. We also plan to continue our enforcement grant activities and balance our traffic safety efforts to include more education, improve the collection and retention of traffic records data, and enhance the State's ability to provide information that saves lives to emergency medical personnel when necessary. It is our sincere hope that this approach will help positively change the overall traffic safety culture and encourage the users of our roadways to do so more responsibly.

On behalf of the entire staff at OTS, we give thanks to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty and to all of you in the traffic safety community who are not often enough recognized for the work that you do to make California's roadways safer.

Rhonda L. Craft

Director's Biography